Forward or Backwards, Get Your Body Moving 

Being in a pool or at the beach is sure to be a pleasant time. While little ones may choose to play in the water, being submerged offers the opportunity to get in shape. For those looking for an alternative to being at the gym, exercising via swimming is sure to rev up the body’s metabolism while ensuring that calories will be burnt, and the muscles will be put to work. The feeling after will be like no other. 

Doing Laps for the Heart

Cardio exercises are often cited as the best when it comes to improving cardiovascular health. By getting the heart pumping freshly oxygenated blood through vigorous exercise, every major organ and system reaps the benefits of healthy blood and nutrients throughout the many cells and tissues. These same benefits can be achieved through swimming laps, back and forth, whether at a pool or at the beach. The constant motions of arms and legs are different than running and jogging and may even be better.

Different Strokes Make for a Better Heart

The common form of swimming is the freestyle stroke where the arms and legs are used to advance the body and head forward through the water. Another way is by swimming backstroke, by lying on your back, face up, and using your arms and legs to propel the body forward. Although at first it may feel like one is going backwards, the truth is that the body is still going in the direction where the head is facing. It’s an effective stroke where a different motion is required to move along the water.

swimming backstroke

Swimming’s Overall Health Benefits

When the arms and legs are using together, the core gets worked out along with shoulders and chest. The intense calorie burn rate makes swimming an integral part of anyone’s fitness and exercise regimen, one that shouldn’t be overlooked. By changing up the types of strokes, different muscle groups will get their due and the ultimate benefit will be a healthier heart and an increased stamina.