Four Things to Do Before You Leave for St. Louis

Whether you’re headed to St. Louis to see the arch, to attend a business meeting, visit friends and family, or for vacation or other reasons, it is important you arrive in town prepared. This starts with proper planning before you depart home. While there are many things that you should do to prepare for your trip, the four things below are oftentimes forgotten, but nonetheless important. Plan your trip accordingly and make sure to complete these steps before your departure.

1- Arrange Transportation From the Airport

You need to arrange airport transportation St. louis MO before you depart your home. The last worry that you want when arriving in STL is how you will get around. Take care of this task before you leave and that worry is gone.

2- Rental Car

airport transportation St. louis MO

Will you reserve a rental car for your trip? Many people use a rental car to get around while they’re out of town because it makes their life simple. If you plan to use a rental car, make sure that you reserve it before you leave. Look for deals before you go to save money.

3- Pet/Home Care

If you have pets, it is important to arrange for care of the pets before you leave, if they aren’t going on the trip with you. The pets need food, water, and love, so make sure this need is met. You may also wish to have someone come to the home to check on things, collect mail, etc. Make those arrangements before you leave.

4- Leave Your Worries Behind

When you are in St. Louis, leave all of the worries you have behind and enjoy the city and all that it has to offer. There is a great zoo, the arch is always a highlight, and arts and theater are prominent in the city. Dining is yet another pleasure in STL!